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How to Request Parent Portal

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Car Drop Off Information


You may either park in the parking lot and walk your child across the crosswalk or drop your child off at the curb and they walk along the sidewalk.

 If you choose to drop off at the curb, please for the child’s safety have them get out on the sidewalk side.

 Parents need to remain in their car when dropping students off at the curb.  

Cars may pull up ahead of the crosswalk at least 3-4 car lengths to allow more cars to drop off at once.

 If you need to get out for any reason, please go park in the parking lot.  

We try really hard to keep traffic moving so vehicles are not stopped on 10th street. 


Entering Building

7:30 – School Arrival begins

The East end door is for students coming in on buses ONLY

The Front doors are for Kgn. & 1st Grade students coming in by CARS

Pre-K students will enter at the East side by the Pre-K Doors.

ADULTS must use Front doors ONLY and check in at the office

(except for District Employees)


Letter from our Principal

Dear VSE Parents-


Your child’s attendance is critical in developing a strong foundation for his/her academic success.  Research proves that students who attend school regularly achieve better results not only in subject areas such as Math and Reading but also have fewer behavior issues, as well.


This year, Virginia Smith Elementary will monitor student attendance closely, so we can reward students for being at school.  Some of those rewards might include “Popsicles with the Principal,” “Cookies with the Counselor,” “Panther Pencils,” attendance certificates, and more. We want each of our students to succeed and being at school each day is truly the best way to help them achieve success. 


Thank you for making the effort to get your student to school on time each day.  Teachers plan learning for every moment of the day - from the time students walk in the door to the moment they leave.  So arriving on time and staying all day is incredibly  important to their learning.  Please take note of the following policies regarding attendance:


    Doors open at 7:30

Learning begins at 7:55


Students are TARDY at 8:10

*if your child is tardy, you must sign them in at the office.


Four tardies creates an absence


Students will be counted ½ day absent at 9:30


Students checking out BEFORE 1:30, will be considered ½ day absent.


Students checked out BETWEEN 1:30 and 2:55 will be considered tardy.

*Remember, four tardies creates an absence.


*You must sign your child out in the office.




2019-2020 SUPPLY LISTS






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Virginia Smith Elementary Student Creed

I am a proud Virginia Smith Elementary student.
I am unique.
I am special.
I will be the best that I can be.
I will celebrate learning.
I will respect myself and others.
I will succeed!

Virginia Smith Elementary Mission Statement

Provide an atmosphere enriched with opportunities

to help each child develop his or her academic, emotional, physical and social potential