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Kindergarten Sight Words     

First Grade List A      

First Grade List B

Second Grade List C

Make sure your child can read these words without sounding out. It's meant for the students to call out the words quickly.


Sight word phrases are the next step in fluency instruction after a child has mastered List C of the 300 sight words.  Reading words in phrases helps your child improve his/her overall fluency by increasing speed and smoothness as they read text.

First 100 sight word phrases

Second 100 sight word phrases

Third 100 sight word phrases

Once your child has mastered the phrases, they are ready to move into reading fluency passages.  The goal of this activity is to improve all dimensions of fluency, not just speed. Fluency instruction should focus on expression/volume, phrasing, smoothness, and pace of their reading. 



I encourage the students to be reading library books to the parents everyday or parents reading to the students.








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